true motion indoor sculler
boat native cockpit and adjustability

Ticks all the boxes:
sculling - sweep rowing - imbalance

true motion indoor sculler
boat native cockpit and adjustability

Ticks all the boxes: rowing
sculling- sweep rowing - imbalance

The Biorower is designed to bring back the original rowing motion – on land. 
Low impact – high strength, high endurance, high mobility training.
In short: true rowing.

It is an investment in your joy of rowing, in your boat speed, in your health and well-being, in your independence from everything that is going on outside, an investment in your performance and an investment in your joy of life. 

Strictly for rowers and non-rowers.

Aram Lemmerer
Biorower founder

There is no linear pull in #sculling.
Do the #realthing all year long.


thank you Denise for your great feedback about the Biorower Pro at the @biorowerusa expo at @hocr1965 2021.

See you @hocr1965 at the @biorowerusa booth ...

Everybody becomes older. What will your rowing stroke look like when you are 75 years old? This is Gerlinde, at the time this picture was taken, she was 75 years old and fitter than most 40 year olds I know.

Rowing is one of the very very very few sports you can do until you pass away, as it will not hurt you. This is true as long as we are talking about the true rowing motion - like on the Biorower.



Pro Series sold out until January 2022
Club Series 8 production slots left for pre-order and delivery before Christmas
@perfectbalancerowing (Australia) @digiovannarealtygroup (USA East) and @bodybasicsomaha (USA central) have reserved stock to be delivered before Christmas


It looks soo real. Thank you to @byjuhi for these awesome photos and to @tmwraps for doing such a great job wrapping our trailer.

#smartrowingsimulator #ontour

90% of Biorower owners use their smart rowing simulator all year long... what will you do?


this is true #indoorrowing


Dealerships and lead users

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