Sold out! 12 month waiting list for S1pro orders

12 month waiting list for S1pro orders If you want to get a Biorower S1pro, please plan ahead and order on time. There is a 12-month waiting list on S1pro orders. We are doing our best to cut it in half. Place your order here Please plan your requirement ahead and order on time

S1pro @ US-Rowing Convention 2018 San Diego

Our US guys, David Kutler from Bodybasics in Omaha, NE and Bill Miller from Seattle, WA are bringing the S1pro to the 2018 US rowing convention. If you are around, stop by and use this rare opportunity!

Boat Native Cockpit Dimensions

The Biorower S1club has the original cockpit dimensions of the rowing boat. This makes the Biorower the most realistic indoor rower on the market. The natural rowing feeling it provides is a result of our effort to stay as close the the original rowing boat as possible. [maxbutton id=”2″ url=”” ]


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